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Darin Draper

solicitor and certified practising accountant

Darin Draper is a solicitor and certified practising accountant. He has over 20 years’ experience in both the legal and accountancy professions. Darin has assisted many small to medium enterprises across a range of industries including tourism and hospitality, retail, medical and pharmaceutical, real estate and property, and petroleum. He has a particular interest in business, property, and family law.


In 2000 Darin commenced practice in Cairns, Far North Queensland, on his own account as a solicitor and certified practising accountant. At that time he was one of very few people in Queensland to hold a practising certificate as an certified practising accountant and also as a solicitor. 


His practice grew steadily from its commencement until 2011 when he joined with two chartered accountants in a practice merger. From that time until 2013 Darin has practiced mainly areas of commercial and property law, wills and estates, and family law.


In early 2014 Darin and his family moved from Cairns to the Sunshine Coast where he worked as a senior solicitor with Argon Law until early 2017 when he established Turbo Legal.


Our vision is to serve our clients by leveraging experience and technology in the production and delivery of quality and cost effective legal products and services in a digital environment.


We systematize and automate our workflows using smart forms and other technologies to create cost efficiencies’ that are passed onto you in the form of competitive fees.

We aim to create mutually beneficial long term relationships with our clients based on trust and client satisfaction. We will exceed your expectations.


Technological innovations are shaping our society and relationships like never before. We are excited about the opportunities to practice law differently through the application of emerging technologies. These technologies allow us to produce and deliver our legal products and services in ways that would not have been possible until recently.


We prefer to engage with our client’s in an online environment although face to face meetings can easily be arranged at one of our conveniently located meeting rooms in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.


Guiding Values

Keep it simple. The law can sometime be complex but a good lawyer will present legal advice in ways that are easily understood.


Listen. A critical skill in the toolkit of any good lawyer. The starting point is always to listen and understand the client’s story.

Be creative. Sometimes the best solutions are novel solutions. A good lawyer will look for solutions that are outside the box.


Add value. Wherever possible find solutions that save money or at least find solutions that address the risk of loss. Lawyers can be so black and white. It is often helpful to look at a client’s circumstances through the lens of commercial experience or just plain common sense. The best solutions are not always legal solutions.

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