Queensland Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (QCAT)

In Queensland minor civil disputes are heard in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (QCAT).

Such matters may involve the following:

QCAT encourages parties to self-represent before the court and therefore it provides an inexpensive and less formal dispute resolution process compared to the higher civil courts (for example, the Magistrates Court).


We believe that your prospects of success in QCAT matters will to depend to a significant degree on the content of your pleadings (that is, your application, or response, as the case may be). We will consider your evidence and your version of the facts (your story) and advise you on your prospects of success. Your evidence is professionally distilled into pleadings prepared by an experienced lawyer so that the member (that is, the QCAT decision maker) will clearly understand the evidence that you intend to rely upon, and the legal issues for determination.


For a fixed fee we can prepare your application or response to maximise your prospects of success. It’s about putting your best foot forward.


Once the application or response is prepared we will guide you through the next steps in relation to filing and service. Lawyers generally do not represent clients in QCAT matters so you will need to act on your own behalf after the pleadings have been filed and served. We will remain on standby as your QCAT matter proceeds ready to assist with procedural or strategic issues at any time, as required.


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